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  • With sonocom we have been able to significantly increase the performance and satisfaction of our employees.
    Boris Raoul, CEO, Invia Travel Germany GmbH
  • sonocom is conversation optimization in telecommunications – scientifically founded, intelligently realized.
    Prof. Dr. Baldur Neuber, Department of Phonology and Phonetics, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg


Individual, success-oriented audio optimization

When speaking to customers on the telephone, the tone of the employee’s voice determines the perception of the company and its products. Thus, there are various approaches for improving individual aspects of tone: Noise suppression, special headsets or HD telephony.

For the first time, sonocom audio innovation combines established and modern technologies in a unified system for success-oriented audio optimization. sonocom is thus proven to result in further transactions and shorter handling times, even with less experienced employees.

Thanks to the evidence of success recorded by sonocom, the effects can be understood transparently at any time.

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your employees through faster transactions and more time, so they can focus on what matters most:
Your customers.



sonocom optimizes the tone of your employee’s voice so that the phone calls are more successful.

Higher conversational efficiency

sonocom increases conversational efficiency, thus increasing the reception capacity of your telephone hotline, and reduces call-specific costs.

Higher customer satisfaction

sonocom enhances the acoustic experience and thus the satisfaction of your customers.


The integrated noise reduction with customizable background acoustics also ensures a pleasant work atmosphere and increases the satisfaction of your employees.

Integrated hearing and voice protection

sonocom preserves the hearing of your employees and enables them to use their voices naturally thanks to integrated hearing and voice protection. sonocom thus protects the health and the work capacity of your employees and supports your company in operational health and integration management.

More options
in recruiting

sonocom helps to improve the voice features of your employees, and thus allows for expanded perspectives in the selection of personnel.

State-of-the-art technology

sonocom is the result of years of research and development. It helps your company to achieve a perfect acoustic appearence.


sonocom gives your employees the security of having the best possible support from intelligent audio optimization on their side. They will gain more space to concentrate on the customer and their concerns.

Flexible system integration

sonocom fits ideally into the available technical infrastructure of your telecommunication system.

Measurable success with sonocom

Your benefits
  • Higher conversion rate and shorter average handling time
  • Flexibility of objectives
  • Reliable proof of effectiveness
  • Pleasant work atmosphere
  • Contribution to operational health management
Our services
  • Individual, goal-oriented audio optimization
  • Adaptive technology
  • Scientifically-founded measurement of success
  • Noise reduction and customizable background acoustics
  • Hearing and voice protection
  • Higher conversion rate and shorter average handling time
  • Flexibility of objectives
  • Reliable proof of effectiveness
  • Pleasant work atmosphere
  • Contribution to operational health management
  • Individuelle, zielorientierte Audio-Optimierung
  • Adaptive Technologie
  • Wissenschaftlich fundierte Erfolgsmessung
  • Geräuschreduktion und individuelle Hintergrundakustik
  • Gehör- und Stimmschutz


Sonocom is a product of INSONE.

INSONE stands for innovative, intelligent, and individual audio technologies.
INSONE develops scientifically-founded hardware and software solutions that are “Made in Germany”.
INSONE helps companies to reach their goals.

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